Clear Coats for Hydrographics

Whether you need a quick clearcoat with our 2K aerosol clear or a professional grade clear from our High Solids collection, we have something for everyone's needs!  All of our clear options meet high quality standards to finish off any project. If you're investing time and money into a project with a paint job and hydrographics, then it only makes sense to protect it with a reliable clearcoat!

Need help choosing the right clear coat?  No problem!  For hobbyists, our 2K Aerosol Clear works best.  It provides a professional finish without the costly equipment needed for spraying other clearcoats.  Please note that ALL of our clearcoats are 2K, including our aerosol options.  Therefore, our aerosol cans do have a limited pot life of 48 hours.  

For those with a spray gun, our Master Pro and High Solids options are the most economical solution.  Our Master Pro line is available in gloss only and is a popular choice among both beginners and professionals. For more finish options, browse through our High Solids collection!.This clearcoat line offers gloss, flat, and soft touch finishes to accommodate virtually any project! 

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