Direct to Plastic (DTP) Paint

​DTP is a Kansas Hydro exclusive paint that sets the bar for direct to substrate paint application.

Frustrated with your current base coat paint? We hear you.  That's why we offer the absolute best paint designed for the hydrographics industry. If you're experiencing trouble with adhesion, activation, coverage, or flaking with your current paint, give our DTP Paint a shot for a jaw dropping experience. You won't be disappointed.
This solvent based paint was designed to eliminate the process of  priming a substrate before applying a basecoat.  That's right- NO PRIMING needed for this powerful stuff! DTP contains flex agent and adhesion promoter that is chemically designed to allow direct application to the following substrates: polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, lexan, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bone, glass, fiberglass, and wood. DTP will adhere to HDPE, however, this is the only plastic that will require our Prep All Paste or flame treatment before application.
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