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Rebel Skulls

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After a rebellious look? Rebel Skulls is the perfect hydro dipping match for you! Small (about half dollar sized), multi-directional red skulls cover over a grim, faded background. Skeleton hands bear a slightly concealed sword behind every skull head. Each skull is topped with a blue and transparent confederate flag that is ready to lay over our DTP White or Silver Metallic base coat! 

Watching the video for this print is highly recommended! While the photo demonstrates the film in its solid state, it is slightly darkened when activated and dipped. Hydro-Gator activator is recommended for use with Rebel Skulls for an optimal appearance.  Prefer Hydro-Vator? We guarantee compatibility with this as well.  For best application, use multiple passes and check for a full "gloss" surface on the film. 

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Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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