BFCM Extended Tank Sale!

In the market for a new hydro dipping tank? We recommend you TAKE A CLOSE LOOK at the following post regarding our extended tank sale at Kansas Hydrographics. 👀

Every fall, we gear up for our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Film, paint, activator, and more are always on sale, but we typically withhold our tanks.  After all, these are large machines that are generally not part of an impulse buy.  The price tag on products of this caliber require careful consideration by the consumer (and testing/preparation on our part).  This year, though, will be different. VERY different.

For starters, our 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale WILL include tanks. What's better? The sale will last for 2 whole weeks to allow time for comparison and preparation of these hefty hydrographics machines (11/24/17 - 12/8/17).  Ready for the best part?  All in stock tanks will be 20% off!!  That is a HUGE savings of $1,540 on our 8 foot tank and a savings of $2,100 on our 10 foot tank!! 😮

We are really excited about this rare event and look forward to helping our clients upgrade to our professional machines.  Homemade hydro dipping tanks are ideal for hobbyists and novices. When it's time for some serious production, though, our tanks are designed to increase efficiency and profit in this fast paced industry.

Questions about our hydrographics tanks or other products? Please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.  Happy shopping!




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