Animal Print Hydro Dipping Film

From our girly Pink Zebra hydrographics print to the more unisex Gold Boa pattern, we have it all in this animal section! A wide range of sizes are available as well, including 50 cm, 90 cm, and 100 cm wide patterns. Be sure to utilize the "filter" tool on the left to sort by popular animal types.

If feminine patterns are what you're after, we have plenty to choose from! Peacock, Pink & Blue Butterfly, and Purple leopard are all vibrant options that can be dipped on top of our Direct to Plastic (DTP) White paint. For small or narrow parts, Croc Skin, Pink Snake, and Small Zebra are perfect choices.

To achieve a more unisex appearance, give our Red Boa, Gold Boa, Tiger Stripe, Snake Belly, or Wildcat a shot!  In fact, there are dozens of water transfer printing options in this category that are suitable for men, women, and kids.  For large projects, Gold Snakeskin, Chinese Dragons, and Saber Tiger are worth a look!

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