Stones & Metals Hydro Dipping Film

Hydro Dipping is perfect for applying wild, attention grabbing graphics to three dimensional objects.  Not into flashy, vibrant looks? Check out some alternative options in this film section!  Transform you plastic part into a metal diamond plate or brash look. Looking for something a little more elegant? We have plenty of marble patterns to choose from!

Our hot selling Diamond Plate pattern is available in a meter wide option to accommodate large parts, but maintains a small enough pattern to also work well with small objects. Our Brushed Diamond Plate is popular as well, and looks incredibly authentic when paired with a DTP Silver Metallic Paint base coat. 

For a lavish look, dip right into any of our stone or marble hydrographics patterns. Grey Marble is perfect for those after a specific marble color.  The transparency in this print allows the user to apply virtually any base coat color for a truly custom look.

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