DTP F.A.Q.'s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does DTP have a dip window? How long after painting do I have to dip the part?
A:  DTP has no dip window. We have tested this time frame at 6 months after base coating with succesful results.

Q: Does DTP have a clear window? Do I have to clear coat my part after dipping in a specific time frame?
A: DTP has no clear window. It has been tested 6 weeks after a part has been dipped.

Q:  How is the coverage performance of DTP?
A:  DTP was designed to cover in just one coat.

Q:  After dipping, does DTP get soft and finger print easily?
A:  No. DTP has been tested with 8 passes of activator and never got soft or able to put a finger print in it.

Q:  How long do I have to wait to rinse my part after dipping when using DTP?
A:  You can wash your part immediately. DTP has been tested with 120 degree water and high pressure directly after dipping.

Q:  What is the recommended prep work on plastic substrates before application of DTP?
A:  All plastics, with the exception of HDPE plastic, require no prep work. (HDPE must be flame treated first.) As long as the plastic is free from oils and dirt, there is no need to scuff or sand! 

Q:  Do I have to reduce or add a hardener to DTP before using?
A:  No. You will receive DTP ready to spray. What you do not use you can put back in the original container for later use.

Q:  Does DTP have a shelf life?
A:  There is no official shelf life of DTP. We recommend you use within 5 years of purchasing.

​Q:  What gun tip size and psi should I spray DTP with?
A:  DTP will work best with a 1.3 to 1.5 tip size. The range of psi to spray DTP with is 10 to 12 psi.

Q:  How should I prep metal substrates before using DTP?
A:  You can sand with sand paper to get a good profile for DTP to adhere to. The absolute best way to prep metal substrates is to media blast them with aluminum oxide blast media.

Q:  What clear coats are compatible with DTP?
A:  Any 2K automotive clear will work with DTP.

Q:  What is the best solvent to clean my spray equipment with after using DTP?
A:  Xylene is the best cleaning solvent for DTP.

Q:  Can I mix DTP colors?
A:  Yes! For example, White DTP and a little Black DTP will make grey.