Camo Hydro Dipping Film

Avid hunters, military supporters, and those who appreciate camo with a twist will all find something enticing in this section! For traditional hunting camo, try out some of our top selling hydrodipping film including True Woods, Tree Bark, Snow Camo, or Star Leaf.  Need a look practical for hunting yet visually appealing? Any of our True Timber patterns will fit your water transfer printing needs! Our DTP Biscuit, Light Tan, Medium Tan, and Dark Tan base coat colors are recommended with these traditional camo patterns.

Boast your military pride with any of our digital or military camo patterns! Army Camo, Blue Digital, Black & Grey Digital, Green Digital, and Digital Fabric can all be printed to resemble the uniform of our heroes in the military. Ready to step up to something a little bolder? Try some of our less tamed camo hydrographic film! Country Boy, Sexy Girls Camo, Purple Camo, and Country Girl are all popular nontraditional camo choices. 

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