Hydrographics Activator

Tired of stocking up on various types of hydrographics activator to ensure compatibility with every film? Do yourself a favor and pick one activator for all your needs! Clear up some space on your shelf by stocking either of the activator brands that we carry: Hydro-Gator and Hydro-Vator. That's it! Use just one activator for all your hydrodipping needs.

Not quite convinced? Check out our video below where we put them to the test. Unfortunately, this video was produced before the debut of our DTP paint line. Our DTP paint  pairs very well with our activator!  Diminish the possibility of over activation with any product from our DTP line!

Also, take a peak at other videos on our YouTube channel where we test all of our film patterns with either Hydro-Gator or Hydro-Vator. We guarantee compatibility between all of our film and activator and always welcome any questions about our products!

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