New to the game? 🛑 Stop and read these pointers now!

Hydrographics is anything but an "easy" gig. While for some it's just a fun hobby, for others it's a serious full time job.  Regardless of your situation, we've developed this quick list of tips to help successfully guide you through your first year of hydro dipping! 👇

1.  First things first, do NOT be afraid to play before they pay! 👨‍🔬

We receive countless calls from those who jump right into paid hydro dipping jobs before developing the skills to get the job done right.  Our general rule of thumb? Base coat, dip, and clear coat a minimum of 10 projects successfully before taking someone's cash. If your customer has confidence in you, then you should have confidence in yourself!

2.  You get what you pay for (and so do your customers). 💲

  When it comes to quality, don't expect a trophy worthy paint job out of a $12 rattle can found at your local hardware store. If that's what you prefer, your customers should expect remarkable rates for your service.  Is Kansas Hydrographics paint and clear coat cheap? No, but good quality isn't cheap. Don't be afraid to charge what it takes to cover the cost of materials and your time.

3. Stumped? Ask for help! 🤔

While we are always here to help in anyway we can, don't be afraid to network and utilize the plethora of resources online! We have countless videos on our YouTube channel for film questions, and Jim with K2 Concepts does an outstanding job answering common hydrographics questions on his YouTube channel.  There are also online forums specifically for the hydrographics process where other guys and gals are often eager to help with troubleshooting.


As always, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call if we can help in any way!

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