Carbon Fiber Hydro Dipping Film

Hydro dip your project in any of our realistic, weave, or colored carbon fiber hydrographics film patterns!  For the truest carbon fiber appearance, pair Black Carbon Fiber with our DTP Charcoal Metallic Paint.  This popular combination never disappoints!

Shooting for a metallic look? We have several film options to suit! Our Gold Weave is a common pick as it offers a subtle gold metallic sheen.  Black, Silver, and Gold Carbon Fiber maintains a bit of a bolder vibe, while our Silver Carbon Fiber slides right into the mild, yet wildly popular category.  Though these are just a few mentions of our metallic options, all of our metallic patterns print best on a dark base coat color.  Give Direct to Plastic Paint a shot with our Black or Charcoal Metallic colors!

For vivacious results, snag one of our bright carbon fiber water transfer films! Hot Pink Carbon Fiber, Purple Carbon Fiber, and Bright Gold Carbon Fiber all offer a special twist on carbon that is sure to grab attention!


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