Dark Silver Carbon Fiber

Dark Silver Carbon Fiber

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Love the patterns in our Black Carbon Fiber and Silver Carbon Fiber but wish for no transparency? Dark Silver Carbon Fiber combines the best of both water transfer print worlds: a streamlined pattern like the aforementioned film that's printed in full color. That's right- no transparency here! With a lack of transparency comes a lack of confusion when choosing base coat colors.  Just shoot some DTP White Paint underneath this hydro dip print for a totally sleek carbon fiber finish.  Looking for something a bit more subtle with more of a true carbon fiber appearance? Give this print a shot over our DTP Charcoal Metallic.

Like the majority of our "true" carbon fiber hydrographics patterns, this one is small enough to dip nearly any small object in, yet large enough for the big stuff! Motorcycle fairings, dashboards, and intricate brackets are all suitable for Dark Silver Carbon Fiber.

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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