Metallic Mini Swirls

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Metallic hydro dipping patterns are always some of our top sellers, and this one is sure to follow suit. Looks can be deceiving, especially with this gorgeous print, so make sure to check out the demonstration video for Metallic Mini Swirls.  The photo just can't quite do it justice!

Copper, green, silver, and gold swirls abstractly flow across this water transfer film with a transparent background.  With no colored background, the base coat color chosen for this print will strongly impact the final result. For the boldest appearance and/or to match the photo, a black base coat should be used. On the other hand, a DTP White base coat will offer a much more delicate and lighter result!  

While Metallic Mini Swirls isn't a full meter wide print, it is still an ideal selection for many medium to large projects.  With each swirl measuring in at only dime size, it makes a great choice for intricate and odd shaped projects that may have a tendency to stretch other full color or heavily inked patterns. In other words, it is very forgiving and perfect for any job!


Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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