Pine Wood

Pine Wood

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Conceal any rifle for a successful autumn or winter hunt when hydro dipped in Pine Wood! In the foreground, well defined pine branches mingle with nearly bare deciduous trees displaying both vivid green and lifeless brown leaves. Foggy and out of focus timber lines the background for a true forest perception that's suitable for any camo water transfer printing project!

While displayed on a white base, this particular camo print also pairs well with DTP Biscuit or DTP Light Tan.  Choosing one of these tan options tones down the pattern for a less flashy, yet more realistic camouflage. Finish off with a solid clear coat to protect from the elements! If using this product to truly hide objects, a flat or soft touch clear coat is recommended. No mess in the wild is too harsh for our High Solids 2K Flat or Soft Touch Clear!

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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