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Go for green with this elegant marble pattern! The jade colored ink in this hydro dipping film is mostly translucent, and is therefore dependent on the base color it lays on.  Love the color as displayed in the photo? Spray a white base coat before printing.  Looking for a base coat that adds a little more sparkle? Try DTP Silver Metallic underneath! For a look at both color options in action, check out the video!

Light fixtures, bathroom mirror frames, small counter tops, beauty appliances, and countless other projects can be remodeled into a luxurious new piece when using Jade.  If using DTP Paint, very little prep work is needed for this transformation. Just lightly scuff the substrate (this is even optional) and spray! In typical conditions, the paint is ready to dip in this Jade pattern just minutes later. For a true high end marble appearance, a gloss clear coat is recommended. 

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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