10 Foot Tank

Tank  |  $10,500

Dipping area:   101" L X 43" W X 26.5" D 
For those who need the capability to dip substantially sized parts, the 10 foot tank is the perfect choice. The included automatic dip arm creates a wide range of opportunities as it eliminates the hassle of dipping large items.

Tank & Starter Package |  $12,000
The starter package includes 5 gallons of activator of your choice, 100 meters of film (excluding premium and royalty patterns), 1 Air Gunsa 1.3, 1 Air Gunsa 1.5, 1 Air Gunsa 1.8, a  Master Film Catalog, 50 speed shapes, 1 Gallon of gloss clear, and 8 quarts of base coat paint in color(s) of your choice. (The starter package alone is a $3100 value!)

Price includes shipping to a loading dock near you in the contiguous United States.

A limited 1 year warranty is included with all tank purchases. Parts that are covered include the pump and electronics.  Due to normal wear and tear, heating elements are not covered under warranty. Please contact us for more information regarding warranty parts and repairs.