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Animal Kit

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Ready to try it out? This hydro dip kit has EVERYTHING you need to process your first part!  All products in this Animal kit are of top notch quality, durable, and user friendly to ensure success.

Our Gold Boa and Rattlesnake patterns are perfect unisex choices for any water transfer printing project.  Try game controllers, beverage koozies, pistol grips, and more in these slithering prints! Looking for something a little more feminine? Give Peacock or Butterfly a shot! With its incredibly vibrant colors, Peacock is sure to turn heads when dipped on tumblers and beauty tools, and Butterfly looks great on about anything!

For small parts such as hair clippers, pistol slides, sunglasses frames and more, our Croc Skin, Brown & Black Leopard, and Tiger Stripe patterns are most suitable.  Their small patterns allow for stunning visuals even on the smallest of substrates.



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This kit contains the following products:
- 3 meters of film
- 1 aerosol can of White DTP Paint
- 1 aerosol can of Hydro-Gator activator
- 1 aerosol 2K clearcoat
- latex gloves
- mask
- scuff pad