Baby Blue Zebra

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Love zebra print but not into feminine pink colors? Baby Blue Zebra is the perfect hydro dipping film pattern choice! At a full meter wide, this film is the perfect option for parts of various sizes.  Need to dip a motorcycle tank? No problem.  Looking to add some zebra spunk to a small 20 oz tumbler? This will work for that, too! The relatively thin zebra markings allow this product to mesh well with whatever project you have in mind.

While this pattern may appear baby blue and white in the photo, it is actually baby blue and transparent.  To achieve the look in the photo, simply use a white base coat color.  However, to achieve a bolder look, a dark base color is recommended. This color really pops on top of black!  For the best activation results, Hydro-Gator or Hydro-Vator are recommended.

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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