Baby Bone Heads

Baby Bone Heads

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While the original Bone Heads hydro dip pattern has proven its worth over the years as a top seller in the Skulls film section, Baby Bone Heads deserves the same attention. It features the identical pattern at a reduced size for added versatility. Few projects are too small for this one! Like it's predecessor, this water transfer print is also black and transparent for endless base coat options.

Baby Bone Heads is pictured on a white base coat that demonstrates the appealing contrast that its black ink offers. However, a more subtle option is easily achievable with a darker paint underneath. DTP Cherry Red or Charcoal Metallic is a perfect choice for this look! Though it is only 50 cm wide, this small skull pattern can be processed on water bottles, motorcycle frames, tool boxes, drawers, boat dash pieces, or even game controllers. 

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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