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Black Carbon Fiber Braid

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There are countless options available when it comes to carbon fiber hydro dipping patterns.  If you're after a pattern with a carbon fiber twist, though, this is the perfect match! Black Carbon Fiber Braid features black ink that forms vertical lines of braided carbon. Its genuine appearance offers tightly formed transparent rows for endless final result options. Looking for the closest resemblance to authentic carbon fiber? Pair with a DTP Charcoal Metallic base coat. 

Though this particular water transfer printing film pattern isn't quite a full meter wide, there are countless parts waiting to be processed in it! Valve covers, super chargers, vehicle interior dash pieces and manufacturer emblems, boat and jet ski bows, and so much more look absolutely stellar in this print. Be sure to pair with Hydro-Gator activator to achieve optimal, consistent results with this high quality hydro dipping film.

Hydrographic Film Width: 90 CM

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