Black Hexagon

Black Hexagon

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Give some shape to your next hydro dip project with this flexible film pattern! Black Hexagon features small and thin black hexagons on a transparent background.  Each shape is identical in size and stretches approximately a quarter inch across.  Nearly any tiny project is compatible with this film, such as vehicle emblems, levers, fishing reels, and pistol grips.  Though the pattern is only half a meter wide, don't be shy to try it out on larger pieces as well! Hard hats, computer towers, and wheels make great candidates for Black Hexagon!

A transparent hydrographic film background is similar to a blank canvas; let your imagination run wild! Dip this over absolutely any DTP Paint color (except black) for guaranteed compatibility. The lighter the base coat color, the bolder the hexagons will show. Feeling a little creative? Try double dipping this over another hydrographic pattern!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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