Blue and Black Carbon Fiber

Blue and Black Carbon Fiber

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While many love the look of the original Black Carbon Fiber hydro dipping pattern, some aren't too keen on stocking countless base coat paint colors to please each client.  We're constantly striving to simplify the process, and this water transfer print does just that! Every dipper carries a white base coat, and that's all that's needed (plus activator) to get this job done! However, to tone it down a notch, DTP Silver Metallic is an alternative option.

Offered at a full meter wide, Blue and Black Carbon Fiber is ideal for virtually any sized hydrographics job. Sprucing up a small aviation yolk or a large rifle? Maybe a fender flare or game controller? Either way, this print is an absolute win! Keep in mind that there is no transparency in this print, though, so ensure that plenty of activator is applied.  You're sure to love the end result!


Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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