Blue Camo

Blue Camo

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While it may not provide a true "camouflage", this pattern is sure to impress! Incredibly bright royal blue ink lays next to baby blue on top of a transparent background. Where the royal lays over the baby blue, a grey tinted blue is created. Each blue camo marking stretches between a half inch to one full inch long and are quite slender at approximately a quarter of an inch wide.  These sizes are perfect for just about any project piece including shift knobs, gun stocks, small wheels, and much more!

The Blue Camo product is pictured on a white base coat, though the transparent background allows for nearly any base coat color of choice! For more of a splash of color, try DTP Green Glow, Bright Orange, Electric Green, or any other color (other than blue)! Choose from over 30 colors in our DTP Paint section!

Hydrographic Film Width: 90 CM

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