Blue Hearts

Blue Hearts

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Show some love on any small hydro dip piece with our Blue Hearts film!  Each small blue heart ranges in size from approximately a few centimeters to well over an inch wide.  Though there are a variety of sizes, the average heart stretches to about the size of a quarter.  This sizing is a perfect hydrographics setup for small parts such as gun slides, RC equipment, gaming controllers, and countless little trinkets. 

Be sure to check out the water transfer film demonstration video for this product! While the product photo features this film pattern on a white base coat, the video also demonstrates it on our DTP Charcoal Metallic base coat paint.  Those are just a couple of the many colors to choose from to pair with this print! Blue Hearts contains a transparent background, so a variety of base colors may be used to diversify the end product appearance. Give DTP Neon Yellow Metallic or DTP Bright Red a shot for a truly adventurous look!


Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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