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Blue Micro Flowers

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Embellish the tiniest of parts in this micro sized hydro dip film pattern! Blue Micro Flowers features thousands of flowers in each square meter with dark blue petals and light blue stems and leaves. The product photo demonstrates this water transfer film on a white base coat. However, alternative colors may be used. Try this on top of our DTP Violet or DTP Silver Metallic for a blended color appearance.

Just how small are these blooms? All are smaller than a pencil eraser! If a larger size is needed, loosen up the film dams a bit when dipping. This will allow the film to expand and the flowers will stretch to a larger size. Small flower pots, beauty appliances, garden tools, flashlight covers, glass bottles, bicycle handles, earphone covers, and any other part less than 50 cm wide can be revamped in this print!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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