Bright Leaf Camo - Kansas Hydrographics

Bright Leaf Camo

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Truly brilliant hues envelop nearly every inch of this hydrographics pattern.  Looking to vanish in the woods? Dip your cooler, rifle, ammo box, or whatever you need in this incredibly detailed pattern for an authentic camouflage appearance. With relatively small leaves and branches, this particular print is suitable for both large and small objects.  Going out on a foggy fall morning? Bright Leaf Camo has you covered! Brilliant yellow, orange, and green foliage fall throughout this print while a misty fog engulfs the background for a fully functional camo display. 

Unsure of what base color to use? To maintain the colors displayed in this product photo, DTP White is recommended.  However, to darken up the misty background, DTP Biscuit can be applied.  For maximum color vibrancy, apply Hydro-Gator activator until the film has completely turned to gloss.  Because this is a full color pattern, multiple passes may be necessary. 

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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