Cattails - Kansas Hydrographics


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No magician is needed to make hunting gear disappear in this pattern!  This fully inked hydrographics print is designed with a careful blend of neutral colors including a russet brown, moss green, and buff tan.  Pair with a neutral base coat to maintain these authentic colors.  DTP Biscuit and DTP White are a perfect match for this one!

With each cattail measuring roughly the size of a half dollar, this water transfer film is suitable for all different sizes of substrates.  Need to hydro dip a rifle stock? This film is definitely wide enough.  Prefer a small hand gun instead? No problem! Though the film is a full meter wide, the relatively small pattern is a suitable fit for both large and small parts!

While most hunting gear is an ideal substrate for Cattails, countless other objects are a huge hit in camouflage! If it can be submerged in water, it most likely can be dipped, so why not try this on a little of everything? 

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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