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Dark Brown Marble

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Glamorize that dated side table, bare metal home decor piece, or bathroom mirror bezel with Dark Brown Marble! This particular pattern features various shades of dark brown ink for a bit more of a subtle marble appearance.  White veins add dimension throughout this water transfer film for a true rich feel.  A white base coat is highly recommended for this reason, as darker base colors will hide the marble pattern.  Looking to transform other archaic pieces? Try hydro dipping vehicle interior pieces, cabinetry, wood or metal furniture pieces into this film pattern for an elegant outcome!

To ensure quality results, our DTP White paint and Hydro-Gator Activator are recommended. Because this is a full color pattern, it may require a bit more activator than patterns with transparency. For a high shine finish, grab our High Solids 2K Gloss Clear or our Master Pro Gloss Clear.

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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