Fists of Fire - Kansas Hydrographics

Fists of Fire

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Throw some fists in the air with this HOT hydrographics pattern! Fully covered in ink, this 50 cm wide print hydro dips well onto any part with a white base coat.  Unlike many flame patterns, this one does not contain any black ink and is therefore one of our easiest flame water transfer film options. Stretching and fading is very minimal with this one! With various sized fists ranging from approximately 1-4 inches, this film is perfect for parts of various sizes! Try your hand at game controllers, tumblers, wheels, vehicle interior pieces, tumblers and more!

Need to apply to plastic? Try our DTP paint line that is designed to spray directly to plastic (and metal, wood, and more)! After a coat or two of DTP White, dip your game controller or roll a tumbler in this versatile and easy to use print!


Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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