Flaming Darkness

Flaming Darkness

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Ensure your hydro dip project stands out with this thrilling pattern! Incredibly detailed skulls of every type pop out in an eerie 3 dimensional look. If high quality resolution is a must, then this water transfer print won't disappoint! Bright orange flames line the background for contrast that just can't be beat in a full colored pattern. Be sure to pair with a white base coat to achieve the look displayed in the product photo and video!

New to hydro dipping? Hate the trouble that fire patterns often bring? No need to fret! These orange flames do not contain any black ink and are therefore quite forgiving when stretching this pattern around oddly shaped parts. Kiss goodbye any chance of faded, distorted, or stretched looking flames! Pair this pattern with it's sister print, "Army of Darkness", for a dynamic duo hydrographics project that's sure to turn heads!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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