Floral Skulls

Floral Skulls

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Check out this brilliant skull hydro dip pattern with deep, eye-catching contrasts! Each skull measures roughly 3 inches long and features pink and white flowers adorning the top of the head for that perfect feminine touch! Pink, red, and tan flowers swirl throughout the rest of the pattern on top of a solid black background.  The black in this water transfer printing film is retained very well! No reason to worry about stretching or fading issues with this one. Don't believe it? See for yourself in the video below!

Due to the transparency in the flowers and skulls, a white colored base coat is highly recommended.  This will ensure the skulls and flowers on top remain a white color, and the bright pink/red flowers maintain a vivid hue.  With a bit of Hydro-Gator activator, this film produces a truly stunning finished project!

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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