Jammin' Skulls

Jammin' Skulls

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Turn your ride into something radical with Jammin' Skulls! Black skeletons rock out this hydrographics film pattern complete with wild hair, guitars, and microphones! Hydro dip a motorcycle tank and fenders for a total 80's hairband feel that turns heads every time. ATV's, golf carts, dash pieces, and so much more would also present well in this pattern!

Though the skeletal figures vary in size, they average a length of roughly 3 inches with a head a little larger than a quarter. Parts smaller than a motorcycle fender are not recommended for this pattern. With only black ink to work with, base coat color options are endless! Realistically, anything lighter than black is a feasible option. However, for a bold look that really grabs attention, try something like DTP Electric Green or DTP Purple Metallic.  These paint options are one of a kind colors and incredibly forgiving to work with!


Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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