Ladybug - Kansas Hydrographics


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Add some spring and summer like decor to your next hydro dip project! Larger than lifesize ladybugs crawl all over this pattern while (presumably) munching on microscopic insects on each bright green leaf! The notorious dots on each ladybug help break up this water transfer print into a wildly abstract and multidirectional design.

Looking to go a bit larger than lifesize? Place the film in your hydrographics tank while leaving 3-4 inches between the perimeter of the film and each dam. If no dams are used, spray with activator and allow the film to expand for up to 20 seconds before dipping. Unsure of what basecoat color to use? White is highly recommended to preserve the true ladybug red color as well as the brightness of the green leaves.  Hydro-Gator or Hydro-Vator activator will also ensure optimal color retention to keep those ladybugs vibrant!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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