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Love Me Knots

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Express yourself with a dip in this hydrographics film! Featuring realistic looking rope designs, this pattern is decked out in knots of all kinds. Square, Fisherman's, Bow Tie, and various other knots demonstrate the complexities behind these ancient fundamental tools. Though they can be complicated and frustrating to learn, each finished knot is a beauty that is ready for display on hydro dip projects of various sizes.

While this water transfer film presents a generous amount of transparency, it is best paired with a light colored base coat.  Our DTP White is a great match if the look displayed in the photo is desired.  If a little more color is fancied, our DTP Turquoise, Seafoam Green, Biscuit, and Bright Yellow are perfect base coat contenders as well! Finish off with a coat of our High Solids 2K Flat Clear for a subtle, protective finish.

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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