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Metal Mesh

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Wrap your next hydro dip project in Metal Mesh for a one of a kind display! Square metal links uniformly cover the entirety of this water transfer film that also features a shaded black background. Not sure what base color would look best? Our DTP (direct to plastic paint) White or DTP Silver Metallic base coat is recommended for a true metal appearance.  However, this pattern can certainly be spiced up with playful base coat colors! Each metal link is transparent, so a blue base would turn the links blue, a red base would turn the links red, etc.

Metal Mesh is a slick pattern for under the hood car parts, pistol grips, boat and other marine vehicle dashes, and countless other applications.  For optimal results, use with Hydro-Gator or Hydro-Vator activator.  Finish off your project with one of our top of the line clear coats to ensure durability that lasts!

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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