Micro Black Leopard

Micro Black Leopard

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The possibilities are truly endless with this tiny black and transparent hydro dip pattern! Micro Black Leopard consists of black leopard markings that each measure in at roughly 1 centimeter or less, which makes this one of our smallest patterns carried at Kansas Hydrographics. The best part? The film is still a full meter wide, so parts of all sizes can utilize this pattern! Gun slides, wheels, intricate brackets, vape mod boxes, hair brushes, and so much more can take a dip in this!

Have a picky client? No problem! Micro Black Leopard contains ample transparency to feature nearly any base coat color of choice. Give them exactly what they want with a plethora of base paint color options in our DTP Paint section.  Try DTP Bright Yellow to provide a bold option or DTP Purple Metallic to offer a more subtle pattern outcome.

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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