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Micro Flame

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Check out this pattern that is PERFECT for your next small hydro dip project!  Micro Flame consists of very thin transparent flames (approximately 1 inch wide) in an abstract, vertical design. Gun slides, rc controllers, vehicle emblems, cosmetic accessories, and countless other parts are a perfect match for this versatile water transfer film! The transparency in this film allows for a truly custom look suited to the client's specific taste.  Please note that very little activator is needed for Micro Flame due to the minimal amount of ink within the film.

Unsure of which base coat color to use? Unless the exact outcome seen in the product photo is desired (pictured on white), then bright base colors are recommended.  DTP Cherry Red Metallic, Synergy Green Metallic, and Bright Yellow are excellent paint color choices for this pattern.  Plus, these direct to plastic paint options are ready to spray directly to plastic, metal, wood, and more!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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