Micro Silver Paisley

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Like any silver or metallic pattern at Kansas Hydrographics, Micro Silver Paisley truly POPS! Displayed on a black base coat to demonstrate it's metallic features, this silver and transparent hydro dipping film is incredibly versatile and can be as bold or subtle as each dipper desires. For even more added versatility, Micro Silver Paisley is a relatively small pattern on a full meter wide film for water transfer printing opportunities on nearly any sized project!

Unsure of what base coat color options are available? For a moderate to bold appearance, any base color darker than gold is recommended. A black base coat will provide the flashiest look.  Lighter colors, such as DTP Turquoise, Electric Green, and Bright Orange will provide a fainter display. To ensure a sharp metallic look, a quality gloss clear coat should be used.  Give our High Solids 2K Gloss Clear a shot for ultimate shine and durability!

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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