Mini Green Burning Skulls

Mini Green Burning Skulls

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Love the look of our original Green Burning Skulls hydro dip print but need something a tad smaller? Mini Green Burning Skulls is perfect! Featuring the same deep contrasts of vivid green and pitch black, this film is an awesome match for smaller scaled water transfer printing projects. Though practically identical in pattern, this particular size is ideal for parts that are fairly small such as interior trim pieces, tumblers, and gun stocks or slides. However, at a full meter wide, this film can be used on large parts if desired!

For best results, a white base coat such as DTP White is highly recommended. DTP Silver Metallic may also be used for a more subtle appearance. Once finished, ensure a lifetime of durability with a solid clear coat choice! Our High Solids 2K Gloss Clear Coat is an ideal match.

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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