Orange Flames

Orange Flames

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Take on virtually any hydro dip project with this bold and versatile pattern! Various shades of bold orange ink encompass each small flame that is scattered abstractly throughout the film.  A solid black background provides a vivid contrast that stretches miraculously well.  Hesitant to dip black patterns? There's no need to worry with this print! As demonstrated in the product video, this water transfer pattern stretches incredibly well with very minimal to no fading. Be sure to check out the video to see for yourself!

Unsure of what parts can be processed in this wicked flame print? Just about anything is possible! This directional pattern may only be 50 cm wide, but there are still plenty of projects that are a perfect fit. The flames are quite small at approximately 3-4 inches in length and are great for vehicle dash pieces, steering wheels, emblems, and more.

Width: 50 CM

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