Pink & Black Hearts

Pink & Black Hearts

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Check out this wild and sassy hydro dipping pattern! Featuring miniature sized hearts that are all roughly dime sized or smaller, this print will work well with just about any project on your list! Looking to customize a small vape/e-cig? These tiny hearts are the perfect size! Looking more into a water transfer printing project the size of an 18" wheel? Pink & Black Hearts can work with that, too! 

Originally named Red & Black Hearts, this pattern features a bright pink ink that appears a bit more red before activated. The black hearts and arrows provide a deep contrast when printed on a white substrate (as shown in the photo and video). Due to the transparent background, the pink hues in this pattern can be manipulated by utilizing a base coat color other than white. However, base colors such as pink and red should not be used as the pink hearts would no longer be visible.

Width: 50 CM

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