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Pink Camo

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While it may not be a "true camo" pattern, this hydrographics print is sure to please clients who are after a feminine camo look! Featuring pink and burgundy colored ink, this film lays well on light base colors.  Though it is pictured on a white base, the pink and burgundy hues can be altered with a different colored base.  Give DTP Purple Metallic or Violet a shot for a one off look!  Check out all of our available base color options here

Not sure of suitable hydro dip applications for this pattern? There are numerous opportunities available! Pistol grips and slides, bows, arrow heads, flashlights, knives, tumblers, hard hats, and many other items are the perfect size for this half meter wide water transfer film pattern. For a look at other available feminine camo patterns, use the drop down "filter" tab in our Camo Hydro Dipping Film section.

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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