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Pink Dog Bones

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Ready to treat your little canine lady to something a little more customized and fun? Pink Dog Bones can be hydro dipped on dog food and water bowls, doggy doors, dog houses, and so much more! Want to add a third color into the mix? Play with your base coat colors! This particular hydro dipping film is pictured on a white base, and the white areas are actually transparent. With that said, purple, blue, green, yellow, or whatever color your pooch prefers can be added to the mix! Check out our direct to substrate paint line (DTP) for a variety of colors to choose from.

Pink Dog Bones is perfect for just about any dog lover who wants to spoil their furry friend or even themselves.  With so much transparency, it's an easy to work with film that requires little activator (and even patience) for dippers ranging from novices to professionals.

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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