Purple Warp Speed

Purple Warp Speed

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Ready for something flashy? It doesn't get any better than this hydro dip pattern! Featuring purple and blue inks on a transparent film, this print can be as striking or subtle as the user desires.  Pictured on a black base coat, the product photo demonstrates this water transfer print in its most bold outcome.  Check out the product video for an idea of a softer version via a lighter base coat color (DTP Gold Metallic)!

Purple Warp Speed is not only flashy, but also quite versatile! Each colored "streak" is actually very narrow at less than a centimeter wide, making this pattern a perfect selection for both large and small projects.  Going after a sleek look for a large dash piece? Maybe something as narrow as a brake lever? Whatever the part is, this hydrographics film is almost guaranteed to be size compatible! 

Hydrographic Film Width: 90 CM

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