Red, Pink, & Yellow Roses

Red, Pink, & Yellow Roses

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Who doesn't love a colorful bouquet of roses? With Red, Pink, & Yellow Roses, any hydro dip project can be renewed into an elegant and friendly piece. The red roses are the largest at roughly two inches, while the yellow and pink blossoms fall between one and two inches. A pattern this size is ideal for projects both large and small! The pedals offer crisp and clear contrasts while nestled close to each other in what appears to be a bountiful bouquet of various roses that beautifully compliment each other. With multiple vibrant rose colors, this water transfer printing film is hard not to love!

To achieve the vivid red, yellow, and pink hues as displayed in the product photo and video, a white base coat is necessary.  For a quick, hassle free application, give our DTP White base coat a shot! Finish off with one of our quality clear coats for a floral finish that lasts.

Width: 50 CM

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