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Rope Carbon Fiber

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Tired of the traditional carbon fiber hydro dip film patterns? Give Rope Carbon Fiber a go! Featuring black ink with transparency in between, the base coat options are endless! Looking for a traditional carbon look? Dip this over our DTP Charcoal Metallic.  Going for a bold look? Give DTP Neon Yellow Metallic a shot for a color that provides outstanding contrast.

This carbon fiber pattern is 50 cm in width which calls for small or narrow substrates.  Not sure what this water transfer film will work well with? There are plenty of options out there! Vehicle dash pieces, RC car bodies, headlight and taillight bezels, drone props and bodies, ATV mirrors/accessories, and plenty of other parts are just the right size for this pattern.  Finish your project off with a coat of our High Solids 2K Gloss Clear for protection that is sure to last!

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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