Silver Braid

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Create a unique carbon fiber vibe with this metallic print! Silver Braid offers a braided fiber pattern that is unlike most other patterns in this category.  Each braid is closely intertwined with the next, leaving very little true transparency.  However, the light colored ink and tiny spaces between braids produces enough blank areas for base coat colors to shine through.

While most metallic colored patterns (silver, gold & copper) really pop on dark base coats (see photo), a subtle, ghost effect is easy to produce on lighter base colors.  Looking for a bold look? Hydro dip this pattern onto DTP Black or Blue Metallic.  For a more subtle pattern appearance, give DTP Bright Orange, Gold Metallic, or Pink a shot. 

Please note that this water transfer film is pictured on a black base coat.  The actual film does not contain any black ink.

Hydrographic Film Width: 50 CM

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