Silver Super Weave

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When simply packaged up on a roll of PVC core, this hydro dipping pattern appears quite dull.  In fact, the ink truly looks to be a dim gray color. Add a dark base coat, though, and this weave water transfer print has the WOW factor going on! Have a look at the video to see for yourself! 

With such an extensive amount of transparency, Silver Super Weave permits a range of various base coat colors.  As demonstrated in the video, though, midrange colors (such as gold, red, orange, etc.) will allow visibility, but the print will be quite subtle.  Darker colors, such as DTP Black, Blue Metallic, and Charcoal Metallic add incredible energy to this metallic silver pattern! Black, however, creates the boldest look by far!

When silver inked hydrographics patterns dry, a hint of dullness sets in.  Be sure to keep that ink bold and flashy with a glossy 2K clear coat! 

Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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