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Small Brushed Diamond Plate

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Have some small parts ready to be hydro dipped? After a metal finish but can't find a water transfer printing pattern small enough? Small Brushed Diamond Plate is the perfect print to get the job done! Identical in pattern to the original Brushed Diamond Plate, this version is just reduced down to a size more compatible with smaller objects. Pistol grips, intricate dash pieces, vents, grills, game controllers, and other limited surface area parts are easily transformed when dipped in this metal print.

Our photo and video of this product both demonstrate Small Brushed Diamond Plate's appearance on a white base coat.  For an easy application (no priming or scuffing needed), our DTP White paint is suggested.  However, to produce an even more authentic finished product, a grey or silver base coat is recommended to establish the same base color of typical metal products.  DTP Grey or Silver Metallic paint provide fantastic base coat options!


Hydrographic Film Width: 1 Meter

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