Super Girls Color

Super Girls Color

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Bold and busty, these ladies aren't your average super heroes! Though identical in pattern to the original Super Girls pattern, this version offers vivacious colors to suit the desires of every super hero fan. At a full meter wide, this hydro dip film is equipped to handle large projects such as motorcycle tanks, tool boxes, coolers, and more! Please note that the size of each Super Girl is approximately 6 - 12 inches long, so a substrate with a minimum length of 6-12 inches is necessary.

Ready to turn heads at the next car and motorcycle show? Just lay down a coat of DTP White, let dry, and then dip into this pattern! As with most of our film, this particular one works best when soaked for 60 seconds in 90° F water. Apply Hydro-Gator activator until the film completely liquefies (usually 2-3 passes), and voila! Heads are sure to turn!

Width: 1 Meter

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